If You See A Sock Like This On The Dashboard This Winter, This Is What It Means!

As anyone that has lived in a cold weather climate for any amount of time can tell you one of the worst experiences in life can be forgetting to warm up your car.

If you’re running late or just plain forgot to do it that drive to where you need to be can become quite the chore, almost as if you were driving stuck in an ice cube.

It’s one of the reasons why electric starts were invented, you can almost guarantee that wasn’t invented by someone where it’s nice and warm all year.

Anyway, the worst part of it is to get the fog from the inside of your window. You can scrape your windows for ice or spray special solutions but there’s nothing that can cut down the time of the windows defogging…Or is there?

Via AWM:

However, with a sock and a little creativity and information, you can stop those foggy windows so that you are ready to roll as soon as you buckle your seat belt.

To get started with this incredibly smart idea, you will need an old sock that is clean and free from holes and structural issues so that the litter is not able to leak out. You also need cat litter and masking tape. It is recommended that you use a low-odor or no-odor cat litter just so that your vehicle’s cabin does not smell like litter.

Fill the foot part of the sock with the litter and then use your tape to secure the open ends of the sock that you are using. It is a good ideal to use a smaller tube sock for this so that you can put in adequate litter and still have plenty of room at the end to tie it off securely so that the litter is not able to spill.

Once you create your litter-filled sock, simply put it on your dashboard when you are parked. You might also consider creating one to put in the back window too since this can also get really foggy on those cold days. And, this is it. You will come out in the morning and not have to worry about eliminating fog before leaving your driveway.



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