Years After The Divorce, What This Man’s Ex Wife Did To Save His Life Is Absolutely Amazing!

It would seem that when a married couple gets divorced that there are usually two ways the whole situation goes after the papers are signed.

Either they are in a perpetual mode of wanting to draw swords on each other or that they amicably came to the conclusion that they are no longer the right fit for each other but remain good friends and care for each other.

My father was married once before he married my mom and had a daughter from that first marriage. The mother remarried about a year later and for reasons could never comprehend given the nastiness of some divorces you might have seen everyone involved got along great with each other.

Shoot, even after my own parents got divorced and my mother moved back to the town that everyone seemed to originally meet each other in whenever my dad came to visit he would invariably stay at the home of his ex wife and her husband who he was good friends with and would often times call on the phone just to talk to him independent of talking to my sister.

If people are not going to stay together if at all possible it’s always good that they try their hardest to be civil with each other if they cannot be friends.

Via Liftable:

Mary Zeigler and Bill Henrichs are great examples of how amicable a split can be. High school sweethearts, the two were married at 18 after knowing each other for four years.

Together they had a son and a daughter, but after a little over two decades, Mary and Bill agreed that it would be best for them to go their separate ways.

“We grew up together,” Zeigler told Inside Edition. “We were always really good friends. It sounds kind of weird, but now I almost feel like he’s my brother because we’ve known each other so long.”

“When you’re 18, you’re one person. And when you’re 40, you’re an entirely different person. That’s what happened to us. We got older and we became totally different people.”

“I care for him, still. Our divorce was friendly. A good share of it was for my kids and my grandkids that we have together. And his (second) wife.”

The two still talk regularly, even when Bill got remarried to a woman named Linda. “Linda came into the picture and I will say it the rest of my life — I thank God for her coming into our life,” Zeigler said.

“That pretty much sums it up,” Zeigler admitted. “That he never left our family and Linda joined it.”

Bill has been struggling with health issues, and in February 2018 he was told that he would need a new kidney. Zeigler was a universal donor, and she told FOX 9 that offering one of her kidneys just made sense.

“You know for me, it wasn’t even a decision,” Zeigler said. “You know it was kind of like him calling up and saying, ‘Can you come over and help us rake leaves.’ That’s how I think of it.”

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