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A woman causes a head-on crash between a car and a motorcycle due to her provocative moves as she was twerking on the roadside.


An unidentified woman showing her dance moves by twerking on on the roadside

The video was filmed in Ukraine, as an unidentified woman showing her dance moves by twerking on on the roadside, provoking the drivers who passes by. The distracting woman shows of several moves which apparently is distracting the drivers.

The video shows a brunette busting her best moves for the camera as the whine of a motorcycle can be heard in the background.

As the biker shows up in view, the dancing queen of the road begins cheering to stand out enough to be noticed, making the biker take his eyes off the street. He turns his head towards the provocative woman, and in doing as such, he did not notice an approaching BMW.

As a result, the motorcycle smashes straight into the car, catapulting the rider into the air. Both drivers did not expect that a seductive entertainment on the road would turn out to be a disaster.

Immediately after the crash, the woman and person filming dash toward the collision, clearly panicked by what has just happened. In a state of panic, the woman begins to wail while her friend shouts at her to call an ambulance.

The filming woman says: ‘Masha – are you stupid? Call an ambulance.’

The rider appears in the shot, lying lifeless on the ground with a glove next to his head and another person is seen approaching his head.

The women then appear to attempt to flee the scene before going back to the rider to ‘get a closer look’.

One of the girls can be heard saying, ‘We danced in vain’, before the clip ends.

Astonishingly the biker managed to survive the crash but did sustain a broken pelvis and leg.

More than 170,000 people have watched the video, filmed in Ukraine, since it was uploaded Sunday.




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