His Wife Was Declared Cancer Free, They Went Out To Celebrate….Then A MIRACLE Happened!

When someone walks into a casino they have to automatically assume that they are going to lose whatever money they decide to spend.

Much like the way if you paid for a ticket to a movie, there isn’t a chance you are going to get the money back because you watched the movie really well or anything. You have to look at it as sort of an admission fee in exchange for whatever amount of exhilaration one would get from trying your luck.

On the couple of times that I have gone into a casino in the past couple of years there was an instance that just about defied description. I was playing one of those video blackjack machines an accidentally hit the button to bet everything I had into the machine.

It was just one of those things that I didn’t even think about and I sat in stunned horror as the cards for dealt out and somehow I had blackjack. Added to that, the dealer busted to I got everything that I bet plus an extra half of that. I immediately cashed out of the machine.

That being said, there are some people that bet small amounts and do it for the fun of it, never expecting to get anything other than the same thrill one might get from scratching off a lottery ticket…then again, there are some that hit a pretty big number.

Via Breitbart:

Harold McDowell, 85, defied 20-million-to-1 odds on Saturday to take a cool million home to his wife, who had just been declared cancer-free.

A straight flush of diamonds turned his $5 bet into one million right before his eyes after he bet on a 6-Card Bonus in Three Card Poker in the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. He was already riding rather high after finding out just 24 hours before that his wife had beaten both liver and colon cancers.

“I happened to be playing next to my wife. I had my back to her. I turned around said, ‘I just won a million dollars,’” McDowell remembered, telling the New York Post. “She told me, ‘You’re full of crap.’” But he was not. When the news sunk in, he did not know how to react. “I was dumbfounded,” he said. “I sat there like an idiot.”

Despite the shocking good fortune, McDowell had no trouble identifying his favorite moment of those fateful 24 hours. “It was better news that she’s healthy — money isn’t the most important thing,” he said. But “it must be luck of the Irish,” McDowell said. “They’re both great news.”

The casino took more than $200,000 in taxes from the winnings, but the couple will still walk away with significant winnings. They will give most of the money to their children — after spoiling themselves just a little. “Our lives will probably stay pretty much the same. But it might get better for our children,” he said. “Maybe we’ll take a cruise.”


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