They Asked People How Ethical Is Congress As A Profession…The Answers Are STUNNING!

Who is the most honest person you know? Seriously, this is a real question.

When you might think of who is the most honest person you know you might think of a next door neighbor that collects your mail when you are out of town or your church’s pastor.

You might think of the cop that lives down the street from you that gave you a speeding ticket because it was their job and not because they don’t like you or something like that.

It might be your spouse that is the most honest person you know who may end up telling you things that you need to know because you need to know them even if it is something you don’t want to hear.

Now, when you think of the most honest person you know how often do you really think of your Congressman?

Via Western Journal:

Members of Congress are considered the least honest and ethical of professions including telemarketers and car salespeople, according to a Gallup survey released Thursday.

Fifty-eight percent of people said they had low or very low faith in the honesty and ethics of members of Congress, according to the survey.

Only 44 percent of people surveyed said the same about car salespeople, and 56 percent said the same about telemarketers.

Nurses came out on top of the survey, with 84 percent of people saying they would rate the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as high or very high.

Nurses’ high ratings were followed by physicians, pharmacists and high school teachers.

Members’ of Congress poor honesty and ethics ratings have hovered around 60 percent disapproval since 2016.

But that’s better than in 2013 when 66 percent of respondents gave them poor ratings.

Only 8 percent of people said they would rate members of Congress as having high or very high honesty and ethical standards in 2018. Thirty-three percent of respondents ranked members of Congress as having “average” honesty and ethical standards.


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