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Teen With Flat Tummy Is Eight Months Pregnant. Midwife Makes One Move And Her Tummy Pops

One teenager thought she had it all. Her body was the way she wanted it. She had a flat stomach and wore size 8 clothing. She also had a boyfriend who she really liked. They had been intimate, but 18-year-old Saffron Heffer was not ready to start a family or anything that serious yet. However, when she went to the doctor for a routine test, she got news that changed her life forever.

As it turned out, Heffer was pregnant. Although she had no symptoms and still had a flat stomach, the doctor told her that the baby had been growing inside her for 37 weeks. Not only she was 8 months along did Heffer work with a midwife who was able to manipulate the baby inside the young mother-to-be and show her that she really was pregnant with a son.

In June 2018, Heffer gave birth to a healthy boy named Oscar. She now is busy doing everything she can to raise him the right way.

Last spring, Heffer had no idea she was pregnant. Only after her mother noticed a strange pigmentation on her stomach did mom suggest the teen take a pregnancy test. The result was immediate. She was pregnant all right.

Because she had no idea she had a child inside her, Heffer had been living her “best life,” which meant frequent visits to the gym and many hours on a tanning bed.

Because Heffer, who works in retail, missed her periods, she just thought it happened because she was on the pill. She did have strange food cravings, which included lettuce, Cornettos, and strawberries. But being pregnant was so far from her mind that she simply thought she wanted those food items because they were on sale.

Although she had no idea she was pregnant, as soon as she took the test and found it positive, she went to get a checkup. The midwife confirmed that the baby boy who had been inside Heffer’s womb the whole time had managed to conceal himself because he was back-to-back. That meant he was not producing any bump in mom’s tummy.

Just six weeks after she learned the truth, Heffer gave birth to Oscar, who weighed 8 pounds and 1 ounce. Although she was not prepared to be a mother, she says that it has been wonderful so far.

When she first discovered her pregnancy, Heffer said, “It was a surprise for everyone. My mum was just as shocked as I was. I personally didn’t believe it was possible not to know you were pregnant until it happened to me. While I was pregnant and didn’t know, I was going down to the gym and I still had sunbeds. I was down the gym the day I found out and doing sit-ups with my mum. We were laughing that my belly goes in a funny triangle shape. It just didn’t click. Even my mum said she didn’t think for a moment that I could be pregnant.”

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