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Everyone Thought They Had The Perfect Marriage. Then She Learned About His Secret Life

The life that people plaster all over social media is not necessarily the life they are living. Some Instagram models have been exposed as frauds who pretend to visit world sites and travel the globe when in reality they’re just staging photos so they can get more likes on “the gram.” Although people might not reveal every true element about their lives, they aren’t necessarily leading secret second lives that their family does not know about – but for one woman that was exactly what her husband was doing.

A 53-year-old Scottish woman thought she had found the love of her life. The man she married, an American, told her that he was a “secret agent” and had to be gone for long stretches. But little did she know, he was leading a second life as a serial bigamist with three wives and thirteen children between them.

Now Mary Turner Thomson is coming forward about her cheating and lying husband, 53-year-old William Allen Jordan.

Back in 2000, Thompson was a single mother looking for love. So she went online and started chatting with the handsome Jordan who quickly swept her off her feet. Before long, she was head over heels in love with him although he said he worked as a CIA agent.

Just three weeks after the couple met for the first time, Jordan proposed. He didn’t want to waste another minute. Thompson thought this was romantic.

Although they were engaged, the couple did not marry until 2002. He claimed he was so busy with his “missions” that he didn’t have time for his wife-to-be. But eventually, he came back and went through with the wedding.

After the wedding, one of Jordan’s other wives called their home and exposed his secret life.

When Thompson shared her story online, people were stunned that this happened in real life. And then in 2006, he was arrested for fraud and bigamy.

Now Thompson has come forward again to speak about the pain of betrayal for a television special. Although it has been more than a decade since their relationship ended in tatters, Thompson still feels the pain of what he did to her.

“I met William online when I was a single mother with a nine-month-old baby. He was very charming, and we sent emails back and forth. We started dating, and he actually asked me to marry him within two weeks of meeting. I said no, but we did eventually get engaged, then we were married for four years.”

Even before they married, Jordan trapped Thompson in his lies. She not only believed he was a CIA agent, but she also trusted him when he disappeared for months at a time.

“After six months of being together, I fell pregnant, which was a huge surprise because he told me he was infertile after having mumps as a child. I thought he was going to think I’d had an affair because he was so utterly convinced he couldn’t have kids.”

But that was just another one of Jordan’s many lies.

Then he told Thompson that someone was going to kill their kids and he needed money. She handed over $250,000 to save the children’s lives. Yet it was just another lie.


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