The Man Who DEMANDED $50K Payout For Caravan Migrants Just Got A Truck Full Of BAD NEWS

There are times when we find ourselves to be in certain situations where we have absolutely no bargaining power or no room to complain because if we do it would just make us look either dumb or angering the person that we were asking for help.

My grandfather used to say that when a homeless person begs someone for a sandwich they shouldn’t complain about the kind of mustard that’s on it. That’s what it seems like some of the people in the migrant caravan are doing.

Not only are they saying that every last one of them should be granted asylum they are also saying that they should be given a big old check for fifty thousand dollars for….reasons.

Seriously, they want a just because allowance for all the walking or something like that. However, some of the more intelligent among the caravan are starting to realize that maybe they shouldn’t have complete and total lunatics speaking for them.

Via San Diego Union Tribune:

A split between two Central American migrants groups came to a head Tuesday when the advocacy organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras called authorities to have a Honduran exile removed from the primary shelter in Tijuana where some 2,000 migrants are staying.

The man who was ejected from the El Barretal shelter, Alfonso Guerrero, made international headlines when he led a group to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana and demanded in a letter that Honduran migrants be paid $50,000 each to return home to the country they fled in November.

Guerrero’s supporters said he was planning to return to the consulate Tuesday morning with 30 of his supporters but a larger group blocked them.

Municipal and federal police, in a press release, said they detained Guerrero for “altering the public order” by trying to organize a march to the border.

“What he wants to do will hurt the entire caravan, especially the women and children,” said Luis Cruz, 41, of Pueblo Sin Fronteras. “That is why we stopped him and asked authorities to remove him from the shelter.”



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