NeverTrump Republican Group Investigated, FUNDED By LIBERAL BILLIONAIRES!

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that President Trump faces opposition from the mainstream media and seemingly every Democratic politicians out there.

Also, he faces a threat from within his own party with a certain segment of people that call themselves NeverTrump Republicans.

Some of these individuals have organized themselves into action committees to better focus their opposition and one of those more notable groups is one called that Republican Women for Progress.

This particular organization is run by two women affiliated with other Republican organizations who had previously established other anti-Trump organizations and even spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

From Conservative Tribune:

In October, the Washington Free Beacon began to look into this PAC, particularly in light of the substantial positive media attention the group had been receiving and the cash the group was injecting into select midterm congressional races in a handful of important states.

What the Free Beacon found — by virtue of Federal Election Commission filings — was that the “Republican” women’s group, which was first formed on Sept. 13, was initially bankrolled by just one donor: liberal billionaire venture capitalist and major Democrat donor Reid Hoffman, also a co-founder of LinkedIn, who donated $400,000 to get the group started.

Meanwhile, Hoffman also reportedly donated $3 million to Nancy Pelosi-affiliated House Majority PAC, as well as $2 million to the Democrat-aligned Senate Majority PAC and $1 million to a group composed of former Obama administration figures known as Forward Majority Action.

Those massive contributions were on top of maxed out donations to numerous individual Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.




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