What CNN Claims Was The “Trigger” For The Dossier Release Is Just Mind Boggling

You always should consider the source when someone is telling you something, especially something that might be of some importance.

A good long time ago, CNN used to be that source of information but in the past several years and possibly more they have instead become a beacon of nonsense.

Take a look at that sickening Russian dossier that came out right before the Trump inauguration. It was something that so many news outlets refused to touch that the only ones that actually went for it initially were CNN and Buzzfeed.

CNN being a major opponent of Donald Trump in every way possible and Buzzfeed being the people that do the lists of ten things that look like bars of soap or whatever the heck it is that they do were the only ones to give that thing any attention which should tell you something.

However, it seemed like there were people ready to plant that nonsense story at a moments notice for a long time. Much in the way someone might have an emergency kit that they might wait forever to use but can end up using it at a moment’s notice they rolled that filth out there.

Via Brietbart:

An FBI email states that the “trigger” for CNN to first break the story revealing salacious and unsubstantiated claims made inside the infamous anti-Trump dossier was the leaking of ex-FBI Director James Comey’s official briefing on the dossier claims to President Donald Trump.

CNN on January 10, 2017 was first to report leaked information that the contents of the dossier were presented during classified briefings one week earlier to Trump and then-President Barack Obama.

Prior to CNN’s report leaking the briefings, which was picked up by news agencies worldwide, the contents of the dossier had been circulating among news media outlets, but the sensational claims were largely considered too risky to publish.

Questions have been raised on the need to include the dossier charges in the classified briefings, which were reportedly conducted by Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. Comey reportedly stayed in the room alone with Trump afterwards to orally brief the incoming president on the most salacious allegations.



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