New Muslim Congresswoman Fighting Amazon For An Absolutely Ridiculous Reason!

In what some could say was a bit of an upset last month, Minnesota Democrats elected Ilhan Omar to be their next US Congresswoman.

Omar will be filling the vacancy left by outgoing Congressman Keith Ellison who was recently forced out following multiple accusations of domestic violence. The Somali born Islamic lawmaker is bringing her own bucket full of problems to DC with her with a litany of campaign finance violation charges and immigration fraud just to name a few.

Now, that being said whenever you work somewhere they have to make reasonable accommodations dependent on certain situations. Someone that does a lot of work with their church might ask to be put on the schedule for a particular night of the week and a reasonable employer might accommodate.

Several decades ago, and this was before the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act mind you, my mother broke her foot in a work accident and when she came back to work a few weeks later they allowed her for about a month to use a stool to sit at her workbench. That is a reasonable accommodation.

Giving someone an extra bathroom break because they are diabetic and might need to inject insulin? That’s one too….

Now, letting someone take nearly a half dozen breaks a day for the sole fact that they need to pray? That’s a little bit more than unreasonable.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Omar has also received special treatment from our media, who have completely ignored a hateful tweet against Jews that was posted by Omar while she was a state lawmaker in Minnesota. In her tweet, Omar asked Allah to awaken the people to help them see the evil doings of Israel.

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.   

Before she’s even sworn into office, Congresswoman-elect Omar (D-MN) is joining the fight with fellow Muslims in Minnesota, to demand Amazon ignore the policies and work requirements responsible for making the company profitable, and instead, give their Muslim employees more time off for Islamic prayers.

According to Vox – East African immigrant workers in Minneapolis are rallying for fair treatment.

Khadra Ibrahin, a 28-year-old single mother of two and Somali immigrant living in Minneapolis, has been working at Amazon’s Shakopee fulfillment center for two years.

As a practicing Muslim, Ibrahin tries to pray five times a day. But because Amazon has the warehouse associates working on a strict hourly packing quota, she says she cannot take a prayer break. Associates are pressured to “make rate,” with the rate number increasing and decreasing depending on the season’s demand. Shakopee’s current packing rate is 240 boxes an hour, Ibrahin says, but it’s gone as high as 400. Associates are penalized if they fall behind this rate; they can get a write-up from a manager if they are too slow, which can lead to them being terminated.

Ibrahin usually chooses to pray during her timed breaks. “Breaks make our rate slow down, and then we’d be at risk of getting fired, and so most of the time we choose prayer over bathroom, and have learned to balance our bodily needs,” she told me in a recent phone interview.


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