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PAT SAJAK Ripped The Academy Awards In One Brilliant Tweet

Make no mistake about it, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is having a harder time finding someone to host the Oscars this year than just about any other year.

The reason why is that the rubber band effect is happening from the left’s overenthusiastic “wokeness” that is causing them to scream witch at anyone who has ever said anything that anybody could remotely regard as offensive.

You take any comedian that has been around for a long time and there is stuff that they would say in their act when they first started out that they would likely never even think of saying. Look at Eddie Murphy for example, there is stuff that he said in his two big comedy specials that he would probably never say today. It doesn’t mean that he should have to be raked over the coals for something that was said decades ago.

Same goes for Kevin Hart. He said something in his act and online years ago that probably would not fly today in a conventional stand up routine because they are trying to sell as many tickets to as many people as possible.

That being said, what they are doing to people from all walks of life is like if you spent years driving the speed limit at 55 miles per hour and suddenly they lowered the speed limit and then retroactively wrote you a ticket for a speed you drove ten years ago.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Pat Sajak is known for being a co-host  of The Wheel of Fortune but he’s also known for his snarky tweets directed at the left.

Yes, Pat Sajak is a conservative!

Sajak just slammed the Academy Awards with a brilliant and snarky suggestion on how they can improve their ratings. The ratings for the awards shows have been tanking every year. Could it be because the shows are becoming way too political in a negative way? It’s a big part of the reason why these shows are dying. Who wants to watch Hollywood elites slam our president? Last year was no exception…Jimmy Kimmel trashed President Trump and VP Pence (see below).

Sajak tweeted:

Here’s a quick fix for the Academy Awards show: expand it to two nights. On the first night, give out awards, and celebrate the history and wonder of movies. On the second night, hold your political rally.

Sajak deserves a standing ovation for this tweet!



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