Nearly A DOZEN ILLEGALS ARRESTED At One Delaware Traffic Stop!

You don’t have to look at the border of Mexico and the United States to know that there is a problem with illegal immigration.

In pockets all over the country there are pockets of illegal immigrants that are living in secret and only being found out whenever the police pull them over for some unrelated incident.

For example, ICE have filed detainers against ten illegal aliens that were arrested Wednesday after they bailed out of a vehicle that they were riding in during a traffic stop in Delaware.

A car with temporary Arkansas license plates was pulled over but as police approached the vehicle ten adults and two juveniles jumped out of the Toyota Sequoia and escaped temporarily.

All of the people were eventually captured and charged with entering the United States illegally. The Ten adults were then charged with resisting arrest.

Delaware Online reported:

The driver, Juan Andres-Andres, has been deported multiple times, according to court documents. Those documents said police investigators learned the people in the SUV fled because they wanted to avoid arrest for being in the county illegally.

The illegal immigrants were reportedly from Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office spokesman Adrian Smith confirmed that immigration detainers had been lodged against the ten individuals who were arrested. Their fate in the country will be determined by an immigration judge after their current charges are resolved.


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