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The Storm Is Here: Trump Tweet Suggests “Treason” Trials For Deep State May Be Coming Soon

For two years the special counsel investigation hung over the President Trump’s head like the Sword of Damocles.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been tasked with bringing the president down – or chasing him from office – in much the same way Joseph Stalin deployed Lavrentiy Beria to destroy his political enemies.

Mueller has failed in that quest, not because he’s not a dogged investigator but, because Donald Trump is a person rarely known to Washington, an honest with nothing of substance to hide.

Trump has a number of other qualities not common inside the swamp.  He’s a patriot who can’t be corrupted by money. He’s tougher than the swamp rats who have conspired to bring him down are.  He’s a counter puncher, which is something that isn’t usual among politicians who always try to get out in front of bad news in order to frame it in the best possible way.

And one more thing, President Trump is smarter than his political enemies by a factor of ten.

All of this explains why Donald J. Trump was able to withstand Muller’s Russia “Spygate” investigation and now wields the truth about the illicit involvement of those enemies over them like a 16-pound sledge hammer.

Trump’s enemies come from both sides – Democrats and Republicans – of the corrupt D.C. political construct and extends to a number of foreign countries that includes those viewed as allies by most Americans.

A report just two days ago from the U.K. Guardian illustrates the lengths to which Britain is prepared go to avoid having their role as the originators (along with CIA Director John Brennan) of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax exposed.

On Tuesday, the Guardian published a story claiming that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange in the “Ecuadorian” embassy on three occasions.

The story amounted to another British Deep State fabrication – dependent on innuendo, unnamed sources and salacious content – in the same way that the Steele Dossier created a false narrative that would be used by the anti-Trump mainstream media to dominate the news cycle.

Almost immediately the Guardian began walking the story back.

Why would the Guardian do that?  Glenn Greenwald, who took a deep dive into the lack of veracity in this story reminded us of this fact:

In 2015, Wired reported that “the UK is one of the most surveilled nations in the world. An estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras keep watch over our every move,” and that “by one estimate people in urban areas of the UK are likely to be captured by about 30 surveillance camera systems every day.” The World Atlas proclaimedthat “London is the most spied-on city in the world,” and that “on average a Londoner is captured on camera about 300 times daily.”

Surely, Manafort’s presence entering the embassy would’ve been captured by at least one of those cameras.  Yet the evidence is never presented to us.

That didn’t matter to the reliably anti-Trump media.  They immediately began reporting this “blockbuster” narrative as though it was the verified truth.

In the swamp’s world of chaff and countermeasures the goal had been accomplished.

So what bad news were the defenders of the Deep State’s anti-Trump resistance intent on getting out in front of?

Likely, it was revealed within President Trump’s interview with the New York Post:

(New York Post) […]  “If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that.”

“Some things maybe the public shouldn’t see because they are so bad,” Trump said, making clear it wasn’t damaging to him, but to others. “Maybe it’s better that the public not see what’s been going on with this country.”

President Trump used the interview with the Post to tell the world – more specifically those aligned against his MAGA agenda – that he was now holding all the cards in their relationship and he planned on using that leverage to benefit the American people.

Sundance, at the Conservative Treehouse, explains how Trump uses leverage:

Leverage is the primary filter here; and it’s not just leverage against domestic political enemies.

President Trump has fifty years of business skills in various predatory and adversarial financial deals.  Leverage, or the ability to force an opponent to take an action that benefits your position, is the most valuable weapon in deals; business or politics the same is true.

This type of leverage is extremely valuable and it’s not just against Democrats, Obama and the Never Trump alliance (ie. Sea Island group).  President Trump is in a fight against multiple enemies from all sides, across all aisles and political alignments.  The declassification leverage is like an atomic hammer that strikes everyone in a 360° blast radius.

And it is not limited to domestic adversaries.  This leverage has a geopolitical value.

For Trump, this translates into backroom political clout.  Using this career-destroying leverage to remove his political enemies would merely result in their replacement by new enemies.

By owning his political enemies, Trump holds the potential to coerce them into supporting his MAGA agenda.  If they play along, they win on both fronts – the retain the power and prestige of holding political office, and they will be credited with actually solving America’s problems.  If they don’t they suffer disgrace, the end of their political careers, and possible criminal charges.

Along these lines, President Trump retweeted something very telling yesterday:

That the president would add his imprimatur to this follower’s tweet, brilliantly sends a message to his enemies in Washington and abroad.

Everyone pictured is out of government or soon will be (Mueller and Rosenstein.)  Trump is messaging his enemies that still retain elected power that continuing to follow them will not end well for them, either.

Trump is giving them a choice, continue propping up a corrupt political establishment and go down with that ship, or finally do something good for once in their miserable lives and help him MAGA.

Trump ran as a deal-maker.  It looks like he now believes he has the necessary leverage to accomplish MAGA.



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