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Liberal University Tries To Hinder Conservative Student’s Rights: Gets Smacked Down!

We should all be proud of The Conservative Students at the University of Minnesota, and here is why;

Conservatives are facing strong scrutiny everywhere but none more ridiculous than what has been taking place on college campuses across America. Between violent liberal protesters and the constant habitation of ANTIFA, our conservative student face more than just a little adversity. Sometimes, the universities themselves are to blame.

As is the case with the University of Minnesota who attempted to block their Conservative student’s First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. The young Conservatives made preparations to host Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter to give lectures on campus but were shot down by the school who likely caved to the will of their liberal students.

The University got dealt the cold taste of reality when students decided to fight back. The Young American Foundation (YAF) and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) put the liberal University on notice this week. Letting the school know that if they did not clean up their treatment of their Conservative students a lawsuit would be imminent. The letter sent to the University of Minnesota can be viewed here.

According To the Young American Foundation:

As Students for a Conservative Voice (SCV) began working with Young America’s Foundation to bring Ben Shapiro to campus, the University of Minnesota levied restrictions on Shapiro’s speech, denying SCV use of Willey Hall, a large centrally located venue. The University of Minnesota has made Willey Hall available for student expression, but inexplicably denied SCV’s request to host Shapiro there citing security concerns, even though it remains available to the student body.

“The University of Minnesota employed a heckler’s veto by denying conservative students equal access to university facilities on the basis of the students’ viewpoint,” the letter to the University of Minnesota’s General Counsel states, outlining the multiple restrictions placed upon conservative students.



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