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Media’s Newest Attack On Trump Calling Him ‘Unfit’ Must Have Forgot What Obama Did.

Media’s Newest Attack On Trump Calling Him ‘Unfit’ Must Have Forgot What Obama Did.



The Wall Street Journal Joins the Ranks Amongst The Squawking Mainstream Media, And Just Like Those Before, Has Magically Forgotten How Terrible Obama Really Was.

President Donald Trump was the focal point of the latest WSJ article in a piece calling the President ‘unfit’. While this isn’t WSJ’s first bash on President Trump, it is important to remember these media outlets are considered ‘mainstream’ not only because of their teaming popularity but because their reporting fluctuates with what is ‘trending’ at the time.

In the past, most of these elite companies have reported against Obama and the terrible things he had done while in office. This is just one of the many reasons people find it hard to trust the flip-flopping media, who apparently think the American people have the memory-span of a goldfish. Jack Hellner put it all together in an article for you to thumb through, take a look.

As Written By Jack Hellner with American Thinker:

On Wednesday there was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by William Galston titled: “The Clear and Present Danger of Trump.”

A bold insert said:

His weekend Twitter outburst calls into question his ability to discharge his powers.

The article starts off:

In business, it is said, the customer is always right. Politics is more complicated, because citizens are called upon to be more than consumers.

“The people commonly intend the public good,” Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 71, “but their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always reason right about the means of promoting it.”

Within the article it says:

In November 2016, 46% of the American people made a mistake, elevating to the highest office in the land a man incapable of discharging its duties. Now our country and our friends around the world are wrestling with the consequences.

I believe it is the people who elected a community organizer in 2008 and 2012 who wanted to remake the United States that merited the statement claiming such voters “made a mistake, elevating to the highest office of the land  a man incapable of discharging his duties. Now our country and our friends around the world are wrestling with the consequences.” 

Trump is having to fix the United States and the rest of the world because Obama:

Obama weaponized America’s intelligence agencies, its State department, the IRS, the Justice department, and the FBI, all to go after his political enemies and make the government more powerful on his and his party’s behalf, instead of working for the American people. (Instead of the media caring that Obama targeted political enemies, most of the media targeted the same people themselves, such as the Tea Party.)

Considering the Justice Department to be his own personal fiefdom to control as he liked, Obama repeatedly abused power. If he didn’t want the Black Panthers prosecuted for…

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