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Man Fresh Out of Jail Goes Back To Same Jail Less Than 6hrs later….

Authorities say a Florida man was returned to jail shortly after his release because he couldn’t pay the taxi driver that took him home from the jail.

40-year-old Charles Folk was arrested and charged with petty theft. Folk had previously been in jail for criminal mischief. Officials say he had been convicted of ransacking his own home and damaging his roommate’s belongings.

According to reports, Folk’s roommate came home and found her stuff ransacked. She then asked Folk who allegedly blamed the rum and the alcohol for “raging out” and being under the influence.

The roommate observed a full 62-ounce bottle of Captain Morgan rum on the kitchen counter, as well as shot glasses. She told officers that the two are only friends and have never been involved in a sexual relationship.

Folk was arrested and transported to the Brevard County Jail where he was charged with Criminal Mischief.

Reports say Folk was released from jail at 12:46 a.m. and was booked back in again at 6:55 a.m.

Shortly after his release, Folk wanted to get home, but had no ride. So Charles Folk did what many people would do in this situation: He hailed a taxi.

The trip to his house was approximately 30 miles away, at a cost of about $70. At the end of the journey, the driver shut off the meter, but there was a problem: Folk was short on cash.

According to a police report, Folk told the driver that his sister, who was out of town, would give him a credit card over the phone, but that wouldn’t cut it.

So the driver called the cops, and Folk was arrested yet again and made the trip back to the same jail he had recently left.

He’s being held on a $2,000 bail.


Source: New York Post, Fox News

Image Source: Google / New York Post


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