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Caravan Migrants Attack Mexican Border Police for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS (Video)

The second immigrant caravan was held up between Guatemala and Mexico over the weekend where they were showing what great citizens they can be! *Sarcasm*

The caravan that is packed full of young men started chucking rocks at the Mexican border police for not allowing them to pass.

This went on for HOURS! In the video you can see the men throwing rocks at the officers while working on tearing down the border wall.

“Second #CaravanaMigrante collapses the border fence with Mexico
These are the people looking to enter the country.”

These are your peaceful immigrants who only want a better life, that’s all.

Below is a better quality video of the events:

X Strategies@XStrategiesDC

According to the left, the migrant caravan is harmless and just wants jobs?

Footage yesterday Courtesy of Milenio Televisión.

Do you see any women or children in these videos? Nope. Just angry military-aged men forcing their way through border walls. This is unexceptable.


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