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Newly Discovered Secret Documents Show DOJ and FBI Leakers Guilty Of Trying To Destroy Trump

There’s more to the indicted leakers than we originally thought. They are linked to Robert Mueller team member Andrew Weissmann and the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr.

The Indicted Leakers Are Linked to Mueller Team Member ANDREW WEISSMANN and DOJ Fusion GPS Collaborator BRUCE OHR.

Treasury Department senior official, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards (yes, that’s really her name), disclosed sensitive financial transaction reports to a buzzfeed reporter.

The documents had to do with multiple people tied to President Trump, including Paul Manafort.

The investigation was launched into this leaked info when federal agents noticed a pattern of financial information from people and entities that are under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and other various federal prosecutors.

Edwards had an interview six months ago with Ronan Farrow which seems to be her attempt at becoming a whistleblower before she settled for being a leaker.

Edwards’ “unnamed” co-conspirator turns out to be her BOSS!

One of the Assistant Directors at FinCEN is Thomas Ott.  Mr. Ott worked for Fusion GPS collaborator Bruce Ohr at the DOJ.  Also, Mr. Ott worked for RICO with Andrew Weissmann at the DOJ, The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis reports. 

Weissmann is a part of Mueller’s special counsel witch hunt on Donald Trump.

Even more peculiar, Weissmann met with AP reporters right before they published an article about suspicious financial activity by Manafort.

And right after that he was added to the Mueller witch hunt.

The only way Weissman could have obtained this information is through FinCEN where Natalie Edwards and her boss were just indicted.

Oh, what a tangled web they’re weaving. This just might be the tipping point of all the deceptive agents coming against President Trump.


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