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Horrific Mugshot Of Man With Face Tattoo’s Goes MEGA Viral (Photo)

A man’s mugshot is going viral after social media users saw his distinctive and unusual face tattoo.

The mugshot of 34-year-old Michael Mann is going viral due to a distinctive feature — a giant dollar sign tattoo over his left eye, reports Inquisitr.

The mugshot was shared on the Great Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Crime Stoppers Facebook page.

Authorities are searching for Mann, who is wanted for domestic violence and aggravated burglary.

Mann reportedly gained access to his victim’s home through an unlocked window. Once inside, he allegedly choked and slapped her.

Image placeholder titleThe victim is reportedly the mother of Mann’s child.

The Facebook post stated that Mann is a “white male 34 years old, 6’3 and 185 lbs,” who has a history of “domestic violence, aggravated robberies, and drug charges.”

A number of social media users pointed out that it should not be too hard for police to spot Mann in public as his face tattoos would likely give him away.

Mann’s entire face and neck are covered in tattoos, as his mugshot shows. In addition to the large dollar sign tattoo over his eye, he had lipstick marks on his forehead and cheek, the number 69 on his chin, and a number of other tattoos covering his face, head and neck.

Image placeholder titleFacebook users shared their thoughts on Mann’s photo and the story on the Great Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Crime Stoppers’ post.

“But seriously.. if you are going to break the law you should think twice about getting tattoos all over your face,” one user commented. “But then again… Natural Selection… just saying!

“I have noting against tattoos; have couple small tattoos myself,” another viewer wrote. “But geese oh man! What in the world was he thinking? At least they make him stand out like a sore thumb so if spotted he can’t deny who he is.”

While some wondered why someone would get such a tattoo across their eye, others were curious about what made the man this way and if he needs to seek help.

“Maybe what he’s done speaks for his self,” a Facebook user commented. “His tats just make him more noticeable when he goes out. Its not a laughing matter. He does need help. First caught then maybe the help he needs.”

“He is a criminal,” another user added. “He is scary looking. What happened to this man when he was very young to make him this way. He must have been the brunt of someone’s anger. I feel sorry for his condition.”

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