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MEN CAUGHT HANDING OUT CASH To Honduran Caravan Members Who Plan To Storm The U.S. Border [Video]

 MEN CAUGHT HANDING OUT CASH To Honduran Caravan Members Who Plan To Storm The U.S. Border.

As reported by AJR

Donald Trump warned Honduras to stop the Caravan of 300 people coming to the U.S. border or he would stop their funding. Not only have they continued marching towards our border, but the group has grown from 300 to 4,000 despite the Presidents warnings.

Rep. Goetz discovered a video showing men handing out cash to the Honduran women and children, having them join the Caravan headed to the U.S. border. Goetz asks why they’re handing out this money and where it’s coming from, both valid questions.

From what started as hundreds has now exploded into thousands as the Caravan crossed through Guatemala. The violence, shortage of jobs and the uncertainty of their future in Honduras is why hundreds are fleeing in hopes of reaching “the American dream.”  Below you can see how the group started out as hundreds.

Hondurans could have stopped in Guatemala and claimed “refugee status,” instead they continued through and accumulated thousands more who are headed to the U.S. border.

Donald Trump’s warning doesn’t seem to be stopping the Caravan.

The example for open borders and why that is a horrible idea here in America is California. What has their “sanctuary state” done for them? They now top the charts in poverty, high taxes, poor education, and low performance. This is why we need republicans and their immigration reform.

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