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President Trump Owns Argumentative Leslie Stahl: “I’m President…and you’re not.” [Video]

As reported by AJR|

While President Trump was on “60 Minutes,” he owned liberal host Leslie Stahl. The President pointed out how differently Stahl treated him compared to former President Obama while explaining how unfair the press is. Stahl couldn’t handle his comments and quickly changed subjects.

President Trump’s best comeback of the night was when Stahl said she disagrees with Trump and he replied, “Lesley, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’m president–and you’re not.” BOOM! Watch below:

Hahahaha! Get ’em President Trump!

There was another moment during the interview where Stahl asked the President if he would pledge to never shut down the Mueller investigation and this is what he had to say about that: “I don’t make pledges to anyone, and if I was going to make a pledge it wouldn’t be to you”.

He did mention that he didn’t have any intentions of shutting the investigation down anyways. This is the President we love! He doesn’t mince words and he will never let the leftist media bully him. They hate this!

The strength and thick skin of this President who pushes conservative values is exactly why the democrats are fighting so hard, and unfairly at that, to stop President Trump and any of his nominees.


Reported by AJR



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