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Conservatives Respond To FACEBOOK With Letter To President Trump

An open letter to the Honorable President Donald J. Trump

The American dream and everything our Republic stand for is under attack. “We the people” are systematically, systemically, insidiously and effectively being silenced by a handful of monopolistic social media and tech giants. Last week hundreds if not thousands of highly successful social media pages, with a combined fan base of over a 100 million American citizens and a collective weekly reach of more than a billion views, were deleted from Facebook without any warning or recourse. Facebook says it is “regardless of political slant” however, it is clear from just a quick glance that nearly all of the pages that were removed are right leaning pages.

Pages like Occupy Democrats and Media Matters, who are heavy offenders and have been proven to be liars time and time again were left untouched. There is absolutely a political slant. The people who owned and operated these pages and their personal profiles were erased from existence and cut off from family, friends, coworkers and loved ones. They were vilified for generating a family income as “motivated by money” ironically while Facebook injects paid for “sponsored” posts into the news feed displacing those very same people. The reason given for this social media purge was for what Facebook is calling “Inauthentic Activity”, “Fake News”, “Spam” and “Spreading Misinformation”. These allegations are not true and are merely a veiled attempt to silence views with which management at these companies do not agree.

This is nothing short of a modern day digital “Night of the Long Knives” with the expressed intent to exterminate dissenting political views and illegally corrupt and influence the American electoral process just weeks before Americans cast their votes. In the hours following the purge these pages, businesses and grass roots leaders have been systematically vilified as spammers, offensive, bad actors, fake news, hate speech, hyper partisan, clickbait, inauthentic, ad farms and even “Russian bots” by their accomplices in the mainstream media and leftist activist groups. In fact, the Washington Post had an article up within minutes of the pages being removed including accurate figures. Clearly this was a conspiratorial effort which was preplanned and leaked to only specific news outlets. In a press release-dated October 11th 2018 entitled: Removing Additional Inauthentic Activity from Facebook the very first line is not only inauthentic but pure hypocrisy. “People need to be able to trust the connections they make on Facebook.” If we are supposed to “trust the connections” why can’t we trust that we will remain connected? The authenticity of social media companies’ rules, policies, terms and statements have gone unchallenged for far too long. These companies purposefully use vague terms of service and obtuse community standards which they apply unevenly to users, pages and businesses on their platforms based on whether or not they agree with the ideological or political views of the subjects under review.


Social media platforms once offered the average person a way to rally people behind their ideas and causes much the way the nation rallied behind the President’s “America First” ideal. Initially all these social media platforms held themselves out to be a free and open place for which people could connect with each other, share ideas, network and transact business. Social media platforms have become the town square; however, it is now a corporately owned and censored town square where free thought and speech are being silenced if they are not in line with the ideology of the management of these corporations. These social media platforms enjoy the protections of the Communications Decency Act yet they now act as gatekeepers and editors of all opinion and ideas. The CDA protects social platforms from removing content it deems offensive, it does not protect it from removing behavior it deems inauthentic, ideas it does not agree with or political slant.


Facebook should no longer be afforded the protection of the CDA. If these social media companies want to have editorial control, decide what is “legitimate political debate”, or hold editorial power over the user’s thoughts and content, then they are no longer a platform, but are instead publishers and should be held to the standards that publishers are legally held to. These companies should also lose all safe harbor protections afforded to platforms regarding content posted on their sites. It is time to hold them accountable for their biased actions and disproportionate enforcement of vague all-encompassing policies. We are the people who have remained nameless and faceless internet leaders since the very birth of social media. We are the grassroots movement. We are the people who have echoed the ideals of the nation to hundreds of millions of people collectively on social media. We are the voices of the silent majority.

We are the foundation of this nation and we are being “digitally depersoned” for the crime of expressing free thought, free speech, truth, fact, logic and opinion. We are the people being eliminated one page and one profile at a time. We are the people that have lost our jobs educating the nation. We are the social media influencers and grassroots leaders who have been supporting freedom of thought and freedom of speech online for years. We are under attack and we are losing our fight. We are the people that “stir up political debate”. We are the forgotten soldiers fighting to keep our voices heard and our fellow citizens informed of the so called “indistinguishable” truths that these social media giants want to suppress and erase from public discussion. We are the people that need your help. On October 11th 2018 Facebook disconnected and or removed over a hundred million American voters from the social media pages they choose to follow just a few short weeks prior to this upcoming election. Facebook did so in an attempt to disrupt and influence the elections outcome in the favor of their preferred candidates.

This interference with the electoral process is business as usual for Facebook and should no longer be considered a just civil matter. Over the past few election cycles, Facebook has illegally provided additional reach to their political allies and suppressed the reach or silenced the speech of their political opponents when suppression was not enough. What is this political assistance worth in actual dollars? Tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? This interference must not and cannot be allowed to continue. Isn’t an undocumented donation in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars designed to swing and undermine a national election a crime? Why are these social media giants not being held accountable for their illegal behavior? When will the government put a restraining order on these companies?

There are vast amounts of data that we have seen that confirm this malfeasance on the part of Facebook over the recent election cycles. Deletion of politically oppositional pages started in 2012, then again before the 2016 election and now openly and blatantly in 2018 midterm election. It has been going on for some time now. “This year, we’ve enforced this policy against many Pages, Groups and accounts” Many more pages and profiles have been removed than just in the past few days. We will no longer accept the status quo. It needs to stop now! We are calling on our President to take-action against these real bad actors and right the injustice being played out on the American people. This is an attack on America, this is an attack on our Republic, this is an attack on We the People, this is an attack on the Constitution and it should be considered an act of treason. The actions of these social media and tech giants is nothing short of a digital coup. We are the American people and we need help now! Immediate action needs to be taken to restore people’s voice and prevent these Domestic Enemies of the Constitution from determining the future of America!


The Silenced Americans!



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