Couple Unfolds Note Waitress Handed Them, Immediately Walk Back Inside After Seeing What’s Inside

Tammy Sepada and her husband Carlos Sepada Jr. were forced to evacuate from their house in Texas in August thanks to Hurricane Harvey. After the evacuation, Tammy’s mom took the couple to Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas to grab a bite to eat.

Although they had never met, their waitress Mary listened to the Sepadas’ story. After hearing about their situation, she went to the back of the restaurant.

At the end of their meal, Mary handed Tammy a folded note. Tammy did not open it until they got to the parking lot.

But when the couple unfolded the paper, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Mary tucked a $100 bill into a restaurant receipt and wrote them a touching note.

Carlos and Tammy immediately went back into the restaurant with the note. They told Mary they could not accept the money.

But she refused to take it back. She told the couple that she had gone to the back during their meal to pray about it.

Not only did Mary refuse to take back the money, but she also extended another offer to the couple. She offered them a table and chairs if they needed them once they returned home.

Carlos and Tammy were absolutely blown away by Mary’s kindness. And so were many more across the nation who took notice when the story was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

In his post, Carlos also urged others to reach out to Mary. Many have visited her at Sam’s Restaurant to pay it forward.

Commenters flooded Carlos’ post with kind words and prayers for him and his family. But most of all, commenters commended Mary for her seemingly small act of generosity.

Many even called her the Sepadas’ Angel. And, in return, Mary’s small prayer to bless Carlos and Tammy in their time of need has sent almost 6,000 prayers back in her direction.

It’s such an encouraging thing to see such a kind gesture made for people facing a hard time like the Sepada’s are. Mary’s kindness has gone such a long way and thanks to social media, so many people are seeing it. If only there were more people like Mary in this world. What do you think?

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