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Prosecutor: Christine Blasey Ford Has Memory Issue Doesn’t Know if Polygraph Was on Day of Grandmother’s Funeral

Rachel Mitchell, the sex crimes prosecutor who questioned both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh at their recent testimonies released a Senate Report that lists 9 reasons why Ford’s testimony wasn’t credible. Among the enormous list of reasoning was this: Ford doesn’t remember if her polygraph, which happened only a couple months ago, took place on the day of her Grandmother’s funeral or not.

Ford made many excuses as to why she didn’t remember key information about her assault accusations, like how she got to the party and back to her home. Yet, remembers that she only drank 1 beer and the time of year the incident happened. But, this is a different story, this polygraph happened only a couple of months ago and it was around the time of her grandmother’s funeral.

Don’t you think her Grandmother’s funeral would be a very memorable day? If she had taken a polygraph on that day it would have been an easy thing to remember. Yet, when asked if the polygraph took place on the day of her Grandmother’s funeral she says she doesn’t remember…

“I had left my grandmother’s funeral at that point at Fort Lincoln Cemetery that day and I was on a tight scheduled to get to make a plane to Manchester, New Hampshire,” the 51-year-old professor told Mitchell. “He was willing to come to me, which was appreciated.”

“So you were administered a polygraph on the day that you attended your grandmother’s funeral?” Mitchell asked.

“Correct, or it might have been the next day,” Ford responded.

Ford then turned to Debra Katz, her attorney and says that she doesn’t remember which day it was. She also doesn’t remember if it was audio or video recorded. The polygraph test itself is bizarre. Ford was only asked two very broad questions during the test, none of which named Brett Kavanaugh.

There were also no baseline questions where they ask her to intentionally lie. The only questions they asked Ford was,  “Is any part of your statement false?” and “Did you make up any part of your statement?”

Wow… very thorough…

To me, this sounds as if the polygraph test was taken just to say she took a polygraph because sadly, most of America only needs to hear that one was taken to believe Ford instead of researching the matter on their own and democrats know all about the sheep and their herd mentality.


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