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CHECK OUT Who The Woman Confronting Jeff Flake In Elevator Works For!

As Senator Jeff Flake was heading back to his seat from a recess he was held up in an elevator by protesters who held the doors open preventing Flake from going anywhere. Flake was trying to return for the controversial vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh who is facing sexual assault accusations from Christine Blasey Ford.

Looking deeper into who these protesters are sheds a little more light on the whole situation. The protesters yelled at Jeff Flake while he was inside that elevator and they cried and pressured him to vote against Brett Kavanaugh. Reporters were there too, asking questions. This is when two women among the protesters step forward to speak to Flake.

One of the women is allegedly Ana Maria Archila, the other, Maria Gallagher and they are both sexual assault survivors, according to Heavy. Archila had previously met with Jeff Flake in his office to tell him about her sexual assault and she reminded him of their conversation saying,

  “I told it because I recognized in Dr. Ford’s story that she is telling the truth. What are you doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court. This is not tolerable. You have children in your family. Think about them.” 

Gallagher chimed in saying,  “I was sexually assaulted and nobody believed me. I didn’t tell anyone, and you’re telling all women they don’t matter.” 

The women continued chastising Flake and telling him that voting for Kavanaugh meant he was telling women that they don’t matter. On the contrary, no one is saying this. When we take a look at who these women are, it is no surprise that the name George Soros comes in.

“according to the website for Popular Democracy, Archila is the co-executive director of the liberal advocacy group, which is based in New York. The group describes itself as a “high-impact national organization that builds organizing power to transform the local and state policy landscape through deep, long-term partnerships with leading community-based organizing groups nationwide.” Archila joined the group in September 2013.”

Popular Democracy is a Soros funded organization, in fact, Open Society Foundations (Soros’ organization) is one of their biggest donors.

The Democrats have sunk so low that nothing they say or claim is credible anymore, if ever. This is a sham and they’re not only hurting Kavanaugh and his family but all women who have actually gone through a sexual assault. Even Christine Blasey Ford, if she really went through an assault, someone got her to use Kavanaugh’s name and now she’s being paraded around in this big Circus. Whatever she got paid, I guarantee, it’s not worth it.


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