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After Obama Trashes Trump In Public, Pence Publicly Lights Him UP For All To See

Kirsters Baish| Vice President Mike Pence made his opinions on former President Barack Obama’s policies and his absurd claim that he deserved some kind of credit for our country’s booming economy very clear.

While speaking at the yearly Values Voter Summit in Washington this past Saturday, the Vice President spoke of numerous instances of economic advances in our country’s current economic climate… under the current administration.

Pence mentioned the 4 million jobs that have been created since Donald Trump’s inauguration in January of 2017. He spoke about the record-low unemployment rate for African Americans and Hispanic Americans.

He also mentioned the fact that wages are steadily climbing at the fasted pace they have in nearly ten years, not to mention the fact that the middle-class income averages have topped at the highest level our country has ever seen.

Take a look at Pence’s speech:

“The truth is the last administration stifled our economy under an avalanche of red tape. This president has actually signed more bills rolling back federal red tape than any president in American history,” the Vice President said. “While the last administration raised taxes on the American people, this president and this Congress passed the largest tax cuts in American history. That’s promised made and promises kept.”

Then, he touched on former President Barack Obama’s recent attempt at taking credit for our country’s current economic situation.

“I don’t know if you heard about it, but our last president has been giving speeches around the country taking credit for this economic growth,” Pence said. The audience began booing. He went on, “Yesterday, in Pennsylvania, I heard that former President Obama claimed that today’s economic boom began under him. He said, ‘They act like this just started.’”

The audience could then be heard laughing.

The Vice President went on, “I have a message for our former president. President Obama, you presided over the weakest economic expansion since the Great Depression.”

Pence thought back to when the Trump administration first took their positions at the White House. The country’s economy was increasing at less then 2 percent. Now, it is growing at more than 4 percent GDP.
“This economy isn’t booming because of your policies, it’s booming because we’ve been rolling back the failed policies of your administration,” he explained. The crowd stood and began applauding.

“In a word, America is back!” Pence exclaimed.

Later, he warned the crowd that all of the progress that has been made over the last two years could easily fall by the wayside if the Democrats take control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

Pence stated, “My fellow conservatives and values voters all, the choice we face this November is a choice between a party that celebrates America and one that often demeans millions of our neighbors and friends. It’s a choice between those who say our nation’s best days are ahead and those who simply want back in power so they can manage America’s decline.”

Western Journal reports, “Pence drew inspiration from Ronald Reagan’s 1964 ‘A Time For Choosing’ speech, which is credited with launching his political career.”

“You know, as our 40th president used to say — and it’s equally true today — our choice is not between left and right, between conservative and liberal,” Pence stated. “It’s really between up and down, between whether we’re going to continue to rise upward with greater freedom, strengthening the foundations upon which this great nation was built, or whether we’re going to continue to see America go down and fall into the rolls of other nations struggling under the weight of big government and abandoned values. Well, let this be the day, in this year 2018, that we decided to vote and stand and pray to protect our values, preserve our nation and uphold our freedom. Let this be the day that we pledge to one another to keep taking America to new heights for our sake and the sake of our posterity.”

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