Dad Knocks Out Young, Drunk Punk For Disrespecting His Girls [VIDEO]


Well…someone had to teach him! Such a great “who’s your daddy” moment. All this old guy was doing was protecting his ladies from this young goof! He tried just talking to him but when he wouldn’t listen the real lesson began. Just priceless!

As Roy Mills used to say, let’s get it on!

From RightWing News:

You’re 25, drunk and an idiot…so what do you do for fun? You go to the beach and start calling a father’s daughters and his wife dikes and cunts. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And the moron got his ticket punched by the father/husband. All it took was one punch too.

Knocked the guy out colder than a mackerel and he didn’t wake up for a while. He postured and swaggered in front of daddy and got taken to the woodshed. Good for that father. Daddy’s home.

People and writers keep calling the father an ‘old guy.’ He doesn’t look that ancient to me (he’s 44) and is in damned good shape. One slug to the asshat’s jaw and he kissed sand. Before you mouth off to someone’s father/husband and to his daughters and wife, I suggest you check your temper and tongue.

Unless of course you like spitting out blood and teeth and taking an extended nap on the beach. Booze is not this bozo’s friend. This punk just got taught some respect – hopefully it knocked some sense into the chuckle-head.



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