12yo Discovered Weighing Only 30 Pounds, Cops Then Uncover Something Even More Tragic [VIDEO]

A mother was jailed for keeping her son locked in a bathroom while she starved him under surveillance.

The mother of the poor child, Brandy Kay Jaynes, locked the 12-year-old boy in the family’s upstairs bathroom for up to two years.

When the boy was found by the police, he was only weighing 30 pounds.

“In my 20 years working with law enforcement as a prosecutor, I have never seen anything like it where the victim survived,” Washington County Prosecutor Angie Reddish-Day said.

Brandy pleaded guilty in causing her then-12-year-old son extreme malnutrition, protracted loss of use of limbs, and extensive emotional and mental delays earlier this month after officials found what they described as a “torture chamber” inside Jaynes’ home in Toquerville.

The father of the child, Russell Jaynes, 40, who lived in the Toquerville home during the time his son was allegedly locked in a bathroom for up to two years was indicted for third-degree felony child abuse.

“He has been charged with a lesser degree of child abuse for his level of culpability and recklessness in not acting sooner and not seeking medical treatment sooner once his son was rescued from the bathroom,” Reddish-Day said.

“The victim has spent the last two Christmases in that bathroom, listening to his family open up presents. He was not participating and did not get any gifts”. “He was taken out of school in the second grade. He is still operating in the second grade level. He is starting to thrive now. He is a very resilient child. He’s actually very funny and engaging, really great kid,” Reddish-Day said.

The defense attorney for Brandy, Edward Flint, said, “If she has a mental issue or had an emotional breakdown, she may not be able to reach that mental state to have acted intentionally”.

Flint argues the victim showed signs of severe autism, which is why he was placed in the bathroom. In court, the Reddish-Day said he acts like a normal child and is responding well to treatment.

She was convicted and sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.


Sources: Mad World NewsGood 4 UtahThe Spectrum Video Credit: Youtube/KSL News



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