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Obama Shocked To Learn His Family’s Deepest, Darkest Secret Is Now Public

Conservative radio personality Larry Elder just outed Obama’s dark family history.

Barack Obama, as the first President of African-American decent, was suppose to further heal the scar of slavery and racial conflict. Instead, his push to keep democrats in the White House came at the cost of any progress made in the race relations category.

America is more divided than ever and the Democratic Party has labeled our newest president a racist. Interesting that this name calling was never directed at Obama who is a racists contradiction as his white mother was a slave owner, and his black father a slave seller. With that up bringing I’m so sure that Obama has no racist feelings whatsoever.


Obama’s white roots have been left largely unexamined, and recently conservative African-American radio host, Larry Elder, called out Obama over how his race-baiting is hypocritical.


Elder said in a tweet, that has proved to be very controversial:

“Shouldn’t Obama, who descends from slave owners on mom’s side and slave sellers on dad’s, give blacks his book royalties as reparations?”

Liberals think it’s cute to call on our new president to donate his billions if he truly cares for the country, well in that case Obama should donate his millions as well, right?

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