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Obama-appointed federal judge just removed from all his cases

It looks like Judge Bruce will not be hearing any more cases in the near future.

Back in October of 2013 Judge Bruce was appointed by Barack Obama to the federal court.

Judge Bruce was set to hear two of the most extreme profile cases in the region.

Before he was in the federal court, he was an assistant US Attorney in the Central District.

As an Obama-Appointed federal judge, he has finally been removed from his position.

Recently, the judge admitted to being involved with illegal activity with the cases he had been hearing in the past.

It was leaked that he had exchanged important emails with a close employee at the US Attorney’s office. When head of two Illinois’ highest-profile cases, the judge was removed from hearing all his criminal cases.

He additionally made a comment about a joke on one of the previous trials that were still in progress at the time.

Experts in the legal field admitted earlier last week that the case could lead further down a rabbit hole as a review of hundreds of other important cases will begin to investigate if Judge Colin Bruce released similar inappropriate emails during previous trials.

According to flagandcross:

“It is an understatement to say that this is outrageous,” said Phil Turner, a defense attorney in Chicago and a former federal prosecutor in northern Illinois with no cases before Bruce. “It’s extremely unusual and way beyond the pale.”

The judge was set to hear two of the most high profile cases in the region: the trial against former Congressman Aaron Schock and the case of a man accused of kidnapping and murdering Yingying Zhang, a Chinese scholar at the University of Illinois.

According to an announcement made by the Obama White House in 2013: “Bruce joined the United States Attorney’s Office in 1989 and has spent his entire 24-year legal career serving as an Assistant United States Attorney.”
Thomas Lifson of American Thinker amused us with his juxtaposition of the current media reports on the Manfort trial and the removal of Judge Bruce:

After weeks of progressive fulminations against Judge T.S. Ellis over his handling of the just-completed trial of Paul Manafort, a federal judge has been removed from all his criminal cases. To this dismay of those on the Left, he is an Obama appointee, Judge Colin Stirling Bruce of the Central District of Illinois.



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