In-Laws Fly Half Way Across The World To Beat Daughter-In-Law [VIDEO]

These have got to be the worst in-laws in the world. This poor girl seriously married into the wrong family, because when they said love, honor and obey, they meant it.

Evidently hubby didn’t think his wife was obedient enough, so he beat her, and called in reinforcements.

Here’s the video. You won’t believe it.

Right Wing News said this about that:

Everything about this story makes my blood absolutely boil. As a woman and as someone who has perfectly happy living in a free country where things like thing shouldn’t happen, I am enraged that this did in fact happen.

There are very few things that bring out my inner feminist (classical, not whatever is going on in America right now) but this is certainly one of them. You don’t beat a woman (or anyone) for not obeying you. You want obedience? Get a dog. That’s not what women are for, regardless of that your faith or culture believes.

And you certainly don’t call your mommy and daddy to fly out to assault your wife. Who even DOES that?

Locking them up is too good for them.

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