BEATDOWN IN SEATTLE: Watch Police Toss ANTIFA Around, Make Arrests After They Harass and Threaten Conservative Group in Restaurant

This past Saturday, a Patriot rally was held in Seattle, Washington.

Among those attending were Patriot Prayer members, members of Bikers for Trump, along with Proud Boys members, and others.

Antifa thugs wearing masks decided to crash the event. Antifa didn’t stand a chance against the Proud Boys, however.

One member of the Proud Boys actually pulled the mask off of one of the Antifa jerks during an altercation.

Seattle Police ended up arresting numerous Antifa members at the event.

Liberal protesters and Antifa members started to instigate fighting with he Proud Boys when they followed the Conservatives into a nearby restaurant in downtown Seattle named “Juno.”

PDX Mike Bivins tweeted, “Counterprotesters followed proud boys into a local restaurant called Juno.”

The bartender at “Juno” explained to the group of Conservatives and the Antifa members that everyone is welcome in the restaurant as long as they all remain civil to one another. Seattle Police were also inside the restaurant to keep an eye on things.

Bivins wrote, “It’s like I’m in a movie. Bartender explains to proud boys and antics that everyone can stay in Juno so long as they remain civil. Seattle PD is here too. #Alloutaugust”. Bivins also attached a video.

There was some back and forth verbal altercations between the two groups inside the restaurant.

Outside of the restaurant, a Proud Boys member pulled off the mask of an Antifa criminal. The thug was stunned and did nothing to fight back. He simply stood there like a coward!

Bivins wrote, “Proud Boys have left Juno. Altercation between Proud Boys and masked antifascist counterprotester. PB pulled down the other person’s bandana. #AllOutAugust #Seattle”.

Seattle Police began to get involved in the situation.

Bivins reports, “Seattle police getting aggressive as Proud Boys and Antifa bicker.”

Then, sh*t really hit the fan when more than thirty police officers on bikes made their way over to arrest numerous Antifa criminals.

Bivins noted, “VIDEO: Seattle PD making a hard arrest of the black man who was with the antifa group who followed the proud boys into that Seattle restaurant. #AllOutPDX”.

After beating on a Conservative activist, an Antifa thug was arrested.

Bivins wrote on Twitter, “Scuffle: a masked counterprotester is arrested and a right-winger’s face is bloodied.”

Liberals are always accusing the Proud Boys of being racists. The truth is that they are a group of American patriots from all different places and backgrounds.

The Gateway Pundit reports that all Proud Boys accounts were recently banned on Twitter. Founder Gavin McInnes’ account was also banned.

Following the bans, McInnes explained to the Gateway Pundit that “the dumbasses on the left are saying we were banned ‘before Unite the Right rally.’ I clearly disavowed that. It’s not our bag.”

Just a few days before he was suspended, McInnes tweeted, “it goes without saying the Proud Boys won’t have anything to do with this. We are a multiracial club that eschews the alt-right and everything they and #occupyWallStreet’s Jason Kessler stand for. He’s a DNC operative.”



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