He Hears His Sister Screaming From The Bathroom He Runs In And Sees THIS In The Tub!

This is definitely one story that’ll leave you scratching your head in confusion… but yep, it’s 100 percent true.

A young woman named Nicole was experiencing sudden pain in her abdomen, so she decided to take a hot bath to relieve the discomfort. She assumed it was menstrual cramps, and warm baths can be very soothing. But while in the bathtub, the pain only grew worse.

Nicole’s younger brother, Steven, was the only person home with Nicole at the time — and pretty soon, he could hear her screaming bloody murder. When he ran into the bathroom, Steven saw his sister lying there in total agony. “I had absolutely no idea what to think,” he said.

Nicole screamed for Steven to call 911. But while he was on the phone with paramedics, Nicole realized she was pregnant for the very first time. It was a completely surreal moment when Steven realized Nicole was in the process of having a baby. After all, she had no symptoms and never even appeared to be pregnant!

By the point, Steven was too panicked and confused to answer any of the paramedic’s questions. “You have to man up and do this,” the 911 operator told him.

Not only was Nicole unexpectedly delivering her daughter in the bathtub, but she realized the baby was in a breech position.

Unfortunately, we do not have an update on Nicole and her family, but we hope they are happy and healthy. If you have any more information, please comment below!


VIA Littlethings

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