Security Shows The Horrific Moment Pervert Steals Little Boy In Broad Daylight

As reported by AWM| Surveillance video helped capture a kidnapper who took six-year-old Chuan Chuan from a street in China where he was playing video games. The man abducted the child in broad daylight, but thanks to the footage, authorities were able to identify him and rescue the child, who was found hundreds of miles away from home.

The video is terrifying, as a stranger approaches the boy to talk to him briefly before carrying him away calmly. It happened at one o’clock in the afternoon in Baofeng village in Kunming, according to a report from Kunming TV. The boy was wearing a green shirt and red pants, as he played video games with other children outside a supermarket.

After the stranger talks to the boy, he picks him up, walking away seemingly unnoticed. In fact, the boy’s father, Mr. Long, a street vendor, said he didn’t know the man had taken his child.

Mr. Long said he had to leave the boy alone to play that day because he had to ride his bike around the city to sell fruit. He later reported the boy missing to police when he was unable to locate him.

The father has been waiting outside the store every day, hoping to uncover clues about his son’s whereabouts.

Thankfully, police located Chuan Chuan 250 miles away. He told the police that he had spent two days with a “strange uncle” who bought him a toy car and played with him next to a river.

The boy’s mother, Ms. Li, told Kunming TV: “I thought I had lost him forever. I cried every day. Now he has been found. What a relief.”

The suspect was detained and the case is now being further investigated.

Among the many comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the kidnapping story were those who were thankful this didn’t have a tragic ending, with remarks such as: “It’s any parent’s worst nightmare. So happy they found him” and “Horrendous, your worst nightmare.”

Others were horrified to watch as the stranger took the boy, with one commenter noting: “Oh my god, this is shocking. My heart was in my mouth watching that. Thank god he’s been found and hopefully not hurt.”

Many people just couldn’t wrap their head around why someone would do this, as one commenter noted: “I just have no understanding how a person can be so hideously cruel to do this and then hear the cries of the child for its parents, the abductor having once been a child themselves and it happens in such large numbers in some countries. The longer I live the more I hate the human race.”

Still others applauded the police effort, with one commenter sharing: “Good grief — great job by the police. How on earth did they manage to find him 250 miles away? I’m a bit surprised that no one noticed because even though the child did not struggle, he was being carried really awkwardly. I shudder to think what ‘played with him by the river’ means. I hope the wee soul is alright.”



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