Trio Raped & Murdered Military Wife Who Refused to Play Their Sex Games. The Verdict…

A jury convicted three defendants of all but one of the charges in the 2012 grisly torture and slaying of a young Marine wife.

Prosecutors had contended that the three defendants killed 22-year-old Brittany Killgore “for their own sadistic pleasure.” They said they strangled her with the intention of dismembering her.

The trial lasted several weeks. Jurors announced their verdict just before noon Wednesday after deliberating for more than 18 hours over three days.

The three defendants: former Marine staff sergeant Louis Perez, 49; Dorothy Grace Maraglino, 40; and Jessica Lynn Lopez, 28, lived together in a Fallbrook home where police discovered a sex dungeon with whips, ropes, sex apparatuses, spiked collars and a Taser, among other items.

Jurors convicted the trio of murder, kidnapping, torture and sexual battery charges. The only charge tossed out by jurors was a conspiracy to kidnap charge against Lopez.

The maximum sentence each defendant faces is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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