As reported by AJR| Some interesting behavior is going down lately by the Intel Committee. 

They have recently asked the POTUS to declassify the Carter Page FISA applications.

This might be what is needed because the federal law forbids asking for a FISA warring using unverified info. However, when the FBI and DOJ used the bogus Hillary dossier, that is exactly what they were doing. 

Obama’s cronies are about to be faced with some major allegations.

This is necessary because not only are we punishing the guilty, but we are also sending a warning to any other further administrations who want to pull off something like this again by locking these people up for good.
Reported by steadfastandloyal:

“Because DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI continue to obstruct the Committee’s investigation, it is time to put the facts in the public domain,” the letter, dated June 14, states.

Hpsci Gop Member Ltr to Potus Re Doj-FBI – 14 June 18 by Fox News on Scribd

The 13 Republicans on the committee, including committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., state in the letter that the declassification should be consistent “with the need to protect intelligence sources and methods,” adding that the declassification will “enable the public to understand the DOJ’s and FBI’s basis for obtaining the FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals.”

“… [W]e respectfully request that you declassify and release publicly, and in unredacted form, pages 10-12 and 17-34, along with all associated footnotes, of the third renewal of the FISA application on Mr. Page,” the letter states. “That renewal was filed in June 2017 and signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”
The letter states, that on its face, the bureau’s reliance on the dossier appears to violate strict, internal FBI rules.
“The Committee’s investigative findings include DOJ’s and FBI’s use of an unverified dossier of memoranda that was not subjected to proper U.S. government verification and was not handled according to FBI procedures.”

Drill them, drill them then chill them.



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