Mysterious Black Spots SPREAD All Over Her Hands, What Comes Out is Even More Disgusting!

According to Doctors, this is a very rare skin condition, but it can affect anyone. Recently, an American woman noticed black spots on the skin and didn’t think much of it.

Initially, they were small and looked like pimples but over time the spots grew bigger and looked like black blisters filled with blood.

They eventually started to not only grow, but started spreading on the other parts of her palm.

Then, she decided to visit a dermatologist who successfully removed the skin growths. The dermatologist diagnosed them as “pyogenic granuloma” which usually occurs due to skin irritation, hormonal imbalance or some physical trauma.

Fortunately for this lady it was just on her hands. These lesions can spread to just about anywhere on the body. GROSS!

Take a look at the following pictures to see how they looked like:





And this would be how they are eventually removed.



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