This Beautiful Woman Is Not Actually A Woman, Actually She’s Not Even Human


An eerily lifelike robotic beauty dressed in traditional Chinese style has attracted quite a bit of attention at the 2016 Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin.

The robot, named Jia Jia, is the same size as a real person. It has delicate facial features and intricate details. People have even begun calling it by another name, “Robot goddess,” Sina reports.


Jia Jia can’t put on her own clothes.


But she does have some nice looking hands.


Netizens also commented that her profile earns her a high yanzhi (颜值) — Chinese internet slang meaning “attractiveness index.”


Some may even find her superior to real, flesh and blood beauties.


What do you say, fellas?


Jia Jia is capable of using body language, auto-GPS and cloud service. She can also understand some of what people say, though mostly just compliments on her appearance. She’s vain like that. For instance, she can respond when guests tell her that: “You are beautiful”; You are gorgeous”; or “You look like an 18-year-old.”


Jia Jia is yet another milestone in the development of AI technology in China, including robotic waitersmonksand shopping assistants. However, in terms of beauty, Jia Jia is only really equaled by this lifelike lady robot and another one that a Hong Kong dude which looks just like Scarlett Johansson.


Netizens are cheering on the development of more robotic beauties like Jia Jia, which they believe might be able to help out China’s growing number of lonely “losers” who can’t get a date to the movies.



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