Rush Limbaugh Makes Horrifying Prediction About The Democrat’s End Game: The Left Will Eventually Attempt to Stop Elections

American democracy is based off of our country’s brand of fair elections.

Conservative personality Rush Limbaugh recently stated that he is concerned that free and fair elections are soon going to be a thing of the past, thanks to the left.

Limbaugh had a caller last week who stated that the mainstream media didn’t seem to understand that Conservative voters aren’t going to stray from Trump, especially after he nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the open Supreme Court Justice position.

Limbaugh answered the caller, “I think you’re right — and the media, of course, is missing it.

The media thinks the exact opposite is happening. They think … Like CNN today spent the whole morning bashing Trump as somebody out of place, and doesn’t know what he’s doing, embarrassing the United States on the world stage at NATO, and they think Trump voters are gonna see it the same way and start regretting the way they voted for Trump. These people have no idea. It’s amazing to me — and you’re right about this. It’s amazing just from a professional standpoint.”

Limbaugh wasn’t done there.

He stated, “If you’re a political consultant, political professional at all, and you’re on the losing side of an election that you thought you were gonna win in a landslide, it would seem to me that the first thing that you would want to do is find out who it is that beat you. ‘Who are these people that voted for Trump, and how did we miss ’em? How did this happen? Why did our polling not show that Trump was this popular?’”

He said, “They haven’t done that at all. They’ve made no effort to understand the Trump voter in whatever state. They have made no effort to understand why they can’t break this bond that exists between Trump and his voters. They continue to condescend to these people. They continue. Either on MSNBC or CNN or in the pages of The New York Times or Washington Post, they continue to mock them, make fun of them, provoke them, insult them, what have you. All the while doing news stories in such a way that they really believe that they’re going to separate Trump’s voters from Trump.”

Rush explained that for everyone who is against Trump, from far-left Democrats to anti-Trump Republicans, it boils down to “ways have to be found to beat them and overcome them, but not persuade them and talk them, you know, into abandoning Trump.”

Limbaugh went on, “I’ll tell you, folks, I’ve made this prediction once. I’m gonna make it again here. It’s a long, long-term prediction. This is nothing rooted in any particular conspiracy theory I’ve heard, because I don’t ascribe to those. But it is becoming clear … It’s becoming clear to the left that the only thing standing in their way now is elections.”

He then mentioned a CBS show, which is most likely “The Good Fight.” He explained that Margo Martindale’s character proves his point exactly.

“She was telling everybody about, ‘we have to win 2018. We have to win. We have to win. We have to.’ Now, obviously that’s a mantra. But the way she said it, it made me realize: One of these days these people are gonna realize that the only thing stopping them here is elections,” Limbaugh stated.

He continued, “If they can find a way around that, then they don’t need to worry about appealing to people or getting out the vote or coming up with ways to convince people to vote. If you look at the way the radical left is going with this intolerant bullying and intimidation of anybody who disagrees with ’em, and the desire to stop any expression of any alternative view or way of thinking?”

After Limbaugh posed this important question, he went on to explain that this is exactly what the left is going to start doing if we aren’t careful.

He explained, “But I’m telling you that they’re gonna start thinking this way, because in their perverted worldview, the biggest problem they have right now is they’re losing elections. And their way of thinking is, ‘Well, we got a get rid of elections then.’ If elections are the problem, rather than figuring how to win ’em since that’s becoming problematic for ’em, ‘We just gotta find a way to get rid of ’em.’”

The Conservative personality went on to state that pretty soon, the left is going to start claiming that the elections are the issue, and must be done away with. He stated, “(g)o ahead and laugh. Tell everybody I said that someday the left is gonna conclude that elections are the problem, but I’m telling you what. What do you think open borders, mass amnesty is about?”

He explained exactly why the left loves illegal immigrants so much. He stated, “If American citizens won’t vote for you, then make sure a bunch of people get into the country who will. Don’t doubt me on this, folks. These people have such an entitlement and quest for power that leaving it up to public opinion among a bunch of dolts and uninformed, uneducated hicks? That’s not gonna happen. That’s not gonna be allowed to happen for very long.”

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