50 years Later… Do You Still Listen To This Famous Tune?

For those who grew up in the 1960s, you already know about the world-class music. Even young people today listen to the “classic” music of that decade. Why? Because it was superior. Music today just doesn’t match the creativity, care in composition and quality as it did back then. Musicians actually recorded their songs in one take! Nowadays, it is all stop-and-go, cut-and-paste inside the studio.

Plus, producers use all sorts of gadgets and effects to improve sound quality. Compared to the music from the 1960s, that’s cheating!

Music has a way about it for piercing through space and time and bringing us back to a memory. In that way, it can serve almost like a time travel device. Want to transport back to the good old days of your life? Put on the songs of your youth, close your eyes and wait for the memories to come flooding back. Similarly, scents have the power to call forth memories from our subconscious.

When you press play and watch this nostalgic performance below, you’ll have memories flooding back to you as fast as lightning. Unless you weren’t growing up in the 1960s, then this trio’s performance will spark something for you.

The performance happened on the Big TNT show back in 1963. Life was so different back then. Parents didn’t overprotect their children. People danced to the music. And girls and boys went on dates to the movies and to get ice cream.

Shortly after this performance, the group decided to split and go their separate ways. And as soon as you start listening to this clip, you’ll recognize the song and group. It is a highly recognizable song that I’m sure will bring something back for you.

For those of you who were born after the 1960s, I bet you’ll even know this song. While you might not have grown up on this music, it is so good you probably listen to it on a regular basis. And it is still a song included on many playlists for people all over the world.

This group was a hit among fans of pop and rhythm & blues music. Can you guess who it is? It’s The Ronettes. This American girl group from New York had nine songs on the Billboard charts and had five Top 40 hits.

They worked with producer Phil Spector and became his most successful act. The trio of singers is related. Two are sisters, and the other is a cousin.

The group was as fun to listen to as they were to watch on stage. Their presence was electric, and their look was eye-catching. They made famous the black beehive hairdos and dark eye makeup. They had a sultry attitude but blended a sexy and sweet persona throughout their act and their songs. And this made them a hit through the years.

In 1965, the group won a Grammy award for their hit “Walking in the Rain.” And in 1999 they were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for their hit song “Be My Baby.” And as you can tell from the performance on the music show, they had a significant influence on music. They were later inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 following a falling out with Phil Spector.

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