After CNN Reporter Called Her A Liar, Sarah Sanders Embarrassed Him On Live TV With Perfect Comeback

Sarah Sanders is no stranger when it comes to defending President Trump against the mainstream media attacking him. 

Recently, Sanders came out swinging after a CNN reporter called her a liar.

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer leaked to the media that not a single person on Trump’s legal team or his administration had lied after new information came out.

“I don’t think anybody’s lying,” Giuliani said on CNN. “I think a mistake was made.”

Mistakes were definitely made and when Trump’s legal team sent a strong message to Bob Mueller they were wiping clean all the dirt the media created in their reporting.

They also dared Mueller to cross the line they drew in the sand to see what he would do… Their main goal was to put the record straight, but when the media discovered what was happening they went crazy. 

Via subjectpolitics:

Today they used it as a cudgel to hammer Sarah Sanders and accuse her of lying.

Big mistake.

CNN reporter, Josh Dawsey, desperate to find something worse than a simple mistake kept pestering and claiming that Sarah Sanders herself was lying.


Look, her job is to tell the media what they need to know and not one word more – just like all those who came before her.

Did they call Dana Perino a liar? How about Robert Gibbs?

Nope, only Sarah gets this treatment.


But today Sarah was not taking it. And she let Dawsey have it.

From the Hill:

“I think you all know I’m an honest person who works extremely hard to provide you with accurate information at all times…”

“Frankly I think my credibility is probably higher than the media’s and I think in large part that’s because you guys spend more of your time focused on attacking the president than reporting the news,” Sarah said.

Good job, Sarah.



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