LISTEN: DNC Snowflakes MELT After Kennedy Announces His Retirement

On Wednesday, after it was announced that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was stepping down from the court, providing an opportunity for President Trump to select a justice who would hew to the conservative line and not cross it on many occasions, as Kennedy did, the news was relayed to a Democratic National Committee meeting, and their doleful reactions would have filled any tumbler with leftist tears:



After the moans of “Ohhh,” and “Oh, my God,” a voice intones, “Not that he’s done us good on these recent decisions, but he was the one occasionally persuadable.” Another voice stated, “This is not good news.”

It is enormously ironic that those one the Left, who have used the judicial branch to overturn the will of the voters, should whine about the possibility that a strong conservative bent should animate the land’s highest court.

After the recent decisions handed down by SCOTUS that ruled for a Christian baker, ruled against public sector unions, and upheld President Trump’s so-called “travel ban,” the moaning from Democrats was loud enough.


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