The magic word, RACIST, used to grant all of your wishes

Obama Rodeo Clown VS MSM Mascots

In 2013 a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask during a skit. He was performing a skit that had been done for many years using masks of other presidents. What happened this time, however was quite different.


He was immediately labeled a racist. He was fired, banned from performing in rodeos and the icing on the cake, the governor of Missouri banned him for life from performing at the state fair. HE WORE A MASK. The magic word was used, “racist”, his life and livelihood in shambles.


These are the things he didn’t do, you tell me where there is malicious hate:


Hold a bloody severed head of the president- Kathy Griffin
Say have incest with your daughter- Ashley Judd
Want to blow up the White House- Madonna
Call his daughter a feckless c…t- Samantha Bee
Scream F…K the president (using name)- Robert DeNiro
Call for a summer of resistance- Nancy Pelosi
Call for daughters to be kidnapped and raped by pedophiles- Peter Fonda
State that his daughters would be the first homeschooled shooters- Katie Rich
Create a naked, vulgar statue for public view- Ginger of INDECLINE
Threaten to come after your granddaughter- Pat Dussault
Rapper wipe his butt with Trump shirt on Stage- WAKA FLOCKA FLAME

There are so many more vile, vulgar, violent and threatening things that the rodeo clown didn’t do or say. Yet, his life was destroyed, he was called a racist, he wore a mask.

Isn’t it time he receives an apology? Let’s begin with Governor Parsons rescinding the ban.

 The media, in particular msnbc and cnn jumped all over this with sensationalized screams of racism and unprecedented disrespect for the president. Today, that same media remains silent over the growing number of threats, violence, vulgarity and derangement directed toward this president and his family. In fact the media aids in stoking the hatred and violence.


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