Walmart’s treatment of this veteran has some people considering a boycott

A woman’s Facebook post has gone viral after she raised questions about the way that Walmart enforced a policy — and wound up forcing one of our nation’s veterans to sit outside in the rain.

Maryann Griffin

Today my husband set up his table to start selling Poppies for the month of May at Walmart in Dickson City Pa as he has been doing for over 20 yrs. to honor and assist our Veterans. In the past in inclement weather he was allowed to set up right outside the main entrance under cover from the weather.Today as it was pouring rain he was told he couldn’t stay at the protected area and that he would have to go out in the rain and 15 ft away from the building as per the store manager!
Way to go WALMART….commendable way to treat our veterans who fought for your freedom…..Disgrace!
Photo taken by a passerby who obviously felt the same!??????

Walmart Vs. Veterans

Do you disagree with the way that this veteran was treated? Keep this going, share your thoughts, and make sure others know about this!



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