Hollywood Actor Peter Fonda Threatened to Kidnap Barron Trump, Then Got a Brutal Dose of Karma

As reported by: AJR

The First Lady Melania Trump has had to report to the Secret Service recently after a Hollywood actor threatened to kidnap Barron Trump, her youngest son.

Democrats have been fighting against President Trump’s recent strategy to separate children from their parents at the border. Peter Fonda sent out a threat saying Barron Trump should be ripped away from his mother’s arms and held in a cage with “pedophiles.” Now, this is definitely an all-time low.

Peter Fonda put up his distasteful tweet earlier this week and accused the First Lady of not standing up for immigrants as he threatened the President’s youngest child. He even went as far as stating that Barron Trump should be taken and held in a cage.

Via subjectpolitics:

Oh My God. Hollywood Celebrities are now calling for the kidnapping of Barron Trump to protest the President’s border policy.

First, Tom Arnold promised to show up at Barron Trump’s private school to “protest” and make the students “uncomfortable.”

Then, Award-Winning actor Peter Fonda called on people to “Rip Barron Trump from his Mother’s arms” and “put him in a cage with pedophiles.” Here’s the Tweet:

But it gets worse…

The deranged Fonda also threatened to “surround the shools” of Border Patrol Agent’s children to “Scare the F*ck out of them.”

This is what the left stands for.

Soon after these comments, Democrats got exposed when it was discovered that Fonda is a MEGA DONOR to the party Party. This shows what kind of party they truly are.

Mike Cernovich also found out that Sony is funding a “big film” with Peter Fonda coming out soon. Will these comments get that cancelled and ruin his career?

Thousands of people responded in outrage that Twitter would allow these comments and that Democrats stand by them.

Others weighed in, saying Twitter should continue to allow him to Tweet so the Democrats have to answer for these SICKENING comments from their donor.

And here are some other responses:

Spread this everywhere so we can make it go viral and expose Democratsand their SICK donors.



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