Amnesty Bill LEAKED, Paul Ryan Scrambles as People Discover Whats Really Inside The Bill

As reported by Steven Ahle| Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill has leaked out and it should make Ryan the biggest traitor since Judas Iscariot. The original DACA amnesty bill covered 800k illegal aliens. Ryan’s bill extends that to 3.5 million not counting the mad rush to our borders for more to sign up.

Not only that but he has added a new amnesty program for kids whose parents came here on temporary work visas. They would then make their parents also eligible for amnesty just like parents of dreamers. The initial amnesty could cover 5 million illegals just to start and quickly top 10 million.

The conditions for this amnesty is ridiculously low.

These amnesties create 3 winners. Dreamers, Democrats who give up practically nothing and businesses that want cheap labor and the big losers are Americans whose jobs will be taken and wages depressed from this bill.

Paul Ryan told the press that President Trump will sign this bill. I don\’t believe it. But if Republicans pass this bill, there will not be a blue wave, there will be a blue hurricane in November.

From Breitbart News

This amnesty for the children of temporary foreign workers does not have a numerical cap, allowing for an endless amount of foreign nationals to obtain amnesty through this avenue known as “Pathway Concept B.”

“The winners are the DREAMers cause they get their amnesty, Democrats because they don’t have to concede much to get the amnesty and donor-class Republicans who are interested in perpetuating the current system,” Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan told Breitbart News of Ryan’s leaked amnesty deal.
Unknown are the numbers of illegal aliens who will surge the United States-Mexico border at the enactment of such an amnesty plan.

Previously, Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach told Breitbart News that a DACA amnesty — even one smaller than this amnesty plan — would potentially cause a surge of one million illegal immigrants rushing the southern border.



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