Woman Watch The Paper For Obituaries Then Robbed Families While They Were at Funerals

A woman came up with a way to rob people while ensuring that they will not be home at the time.

Police in New York began looking for a thief who targeted people while they were mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Several people in Westchester County filed reports on different occasions after returning home from funerals and finding that their homes were burglarized.

Greenburgh Police waited outside the home of someone who died in Tarrytown until they caught 26-year-old Latonia Stewart from the Bronx trying to enter.

Officers found items that was stolen from a home in Irvington in her vehicle.

Police said that Stewart looked through obituaries to pick her targets, knowing exactly when they would be out of their homes.

She was arrested on multiple burglary-related charges.


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