Instant Karma: ANTIFA ‘Protestor’ Get Hit By A Truck [Uncensored Video]

Instant Karma: A group of ANTIFA thugs terrorizes drivers by blaring music into traffic over a bullhorn.

[Portland, Oregon] A small group of self-proclaimed ANTIFA activists was met with some much needed sweet justice.  As per usual the group isn’t actively protesting anything, as far as we can tell, but were attempting to terrorize drivers by blaring music over the bullhorn and screaming into traffic.

When a collection of citizens, tired of the activists’ tactics, approach the men and try to stand in front of the hooligans to prevent them from further disturbing drivers the situation takes a strange turn. Like the immature cowards we know them all to be, the ANTIFA ‘leader’ runs across the street and taunts the men, leaving one ANTIFA member alone. The lone member attempts the dash across but is met with the front end of a mid-sized truck. Take a look.

Warning-This video contains graphic footage not suitable for all audiences. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Watch Below.


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