The Liberal Agenda: Why Leftest Hate And Want Us All To Hate Masculinity

Why is there a war, seemingly, on masculinity?

Before you new aged feminists break out your signs and bullhorns, take a minute to read what you could be really buying into. First and foremost, sexual assault isn’t a political problem and isn’t limited to only masculine men, as seen in recent news with the numerous accusations. I wouldn’t call someone like Harvey Weinstein ‘masculine’, for example.

In fact, there aren’t any specifications we can use, as women and parents, that could accurately single out the ‘creepers’ from the ‘non-creepers’, including gender. So what is it about masculinity that’s so controversial? What if it’s a movement, similar to those we have witnessed in the past, to form a more docile, more obedient public?

While researching possible motives behind this ‘movement’ I came across this piece written By Salvatore DeGennaro, who brings up several points that most people haven’t taken into account. Some food for thought.

As written by Salvatore DeGennaro with American Thinker.

While there may be a number of grievances put forth by this movement, there also comes a theme that is particularly dangerous: the feminist attack on masculinity.  This is derived not only from feminists; it comes from the left in general.

There has emerged a war on masculinity.  Why?  Because masculine men are harder to control under tyrannical socialism.  The modern beta male, on the other hand, craves socialism.  This is why the left has branded masculinity as toxic: it stands as a roadblock to their endgame.

Leftists blame, of all things, masculinity for the recent spate of sexual harassment scandals.  For eons, masculinity has been considered a natural and even required trait of being male, but it is now apparently the reason for deviancy.  Who knew?

The glaring problem with this argument is that the men who are typically being accused of such transgressions are anything but masculine.  Sexual harassment is bipartisan; both liberal and conservative men in positions of power seem to harass women with aplomb.  But where is this referenced masculinity?  Harvey Weinstein?  Al Franken?  Louis CK?  I posit that a consistent theme among most accused harassers is a complete lack of masculinity.  I would go so far as to suggest that the lack of masculinity is a contributing factor to this problem.

Most of these accused public figures are modern men – perhaps not quite beta males, but certainly closer to Obama’s now infamous Pajama Boy than they are to John Wayne.   Are men who display a lack of masculinity less likely to victimize women?  Obviously not.  But the left does not let reason or rationality interfere…

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